What Post Singularity Delivers


Situation Understanding

At PSV, we take the raw data from our projects and clients and turn it into a meaningful results. We work closely with our partners throughout our process to ensure that the results are relevant. We are committed to providing clean, in-depth deliverables in everything we deal with.


Rigorous Development and Testing

Once we have finished our initial analysis of our client's data, which has been tested and verified throughout it's development we perform additional quality checks. Multiple layered testing is necessary part of our analysis package. After testing, we deliver the results to our clients. We provide a "typo-free" certification along with our clean data.


Dependable Quality

The world of science and technology can be hard to keep up with. That's why our goal is to provide our clients and partners with high-quality deliverables, which range from products, projects and companies. 

No matter the discipline or type of data, we pride ourselves on providing professional results and always deliver satisfaction and create reoccurring cooperation.

About Us


PSV's Why

PSV defines itself to why it does things and not what it does. PSV challenges the status quo and offers its partners simpler alternatives. PSV’s why was defined at its founding and has not changed since. 

Constant innovation and improvement. 

Taking ownership for business, products and companies we develop and manage. PSV introduces Automation and Artificial Intelligence to customer's and partner's current situations or challenges to create sustainable solutions for a responsible future.


PSV's AI Development

Developing business and solutions based on actual needs and rather than creating a tech without a market. PSV's AI are build to boost societies' well being 


PSV's Money

Post Singularity Ventures, is a Capital Group with interests beyond money and ROI. We target Social responsibility through Automation and Artificial Intelligence, one project and one business at a time


Filerna kommer snart.

What We Work With

PSV, on the Frontline of project and products within Automation and AI


Post Singularity

Additional Information

Post Singularity Ventures is a private venture catalyst with an investment focus in fast growing companies in the area of Artificial intelligence and Automation that are in need to accelerate their value-creation. 

We will be an active investor/partner to ensure a high accuracy in our engagements. Our philosophy is to build value from coaching and challenging our portfolio companies to strive for high ambition and high purpose. With extensive support in strategy, funding, M&A, business development combined with world-class technical expertise we will guide our investments through the challenges of being an entrepreneur. 

Post Singularity Ventures is founded by a group of entrepreneurs and investors with extensive experience of success and failure in start-ups trying to ride a wave of a technology shift. We have a true passion for creating value by developing people, ideas, technology, business and society. We have a Swedish origin but global access in all dimensions of growing a business.

We are always looking for people (entrepreneurs) with:

  • Brilliant ideas and ambition to make a difference 
  • Strong conviction that what they do truly generate value for the served market
  • Strong and sustainable business cases …where business success is a consequence of created value for our customers and society

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With everything that PSV focuses on, we deliver sustainable solutions that work, today, tomorrow and for the future. 

PSV lets failure go to its head and lives in a constant state of experimental culture. 

We like Sound

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PSV indulges itself with understanding and learning from those who treaded before us and those who we learn from each and every day, like you.