Team Post Singularity



  Douglas Smith, PSV Founder and CEO

has  background from global OEM and EMS companies, as well as international industrial business management within real estate and natural resources. Douglas is schooled in international business, logistics and trade and has logged +20 years of experience.

Making sure that PSV's customers and partners experience of PSV surpasses their initial expectation of service, while upholding PSV’s values are Douglas daily tasks, while being one of PSV’s two founders.



 Richard Berkling, PSV Owner and Founder, 

holds the position as CEO at Cpac Systems, a global R&D OEM. A position that he has held for 16 years with year on year growth and profitability. 

He is schooled in international economics and business with more than 20 years of experience.

Richard creative, articulate and goal oriented, enthusiastic, with well-polished yet modest approach and an incredible  business mind. 

His goal is to ensure that PSV customers grow and flourish.


Other Players # 3, 4, 5 & 6

Post Singularity Ventures prides itself in it's ability to grow though it's team. With heavy investments in our team we have attracted the best in our field and are constantly looking towards new colleagues, may they be interns,  employees or external partners. Every day we look for new members to join PSV.

Today, Post Singularity has a team of 6 members and is so happy and proud to have be able to say that it has and is developing the best team... ever  

Mission & Vision


“We want to contribute to a Post Singularity society where new technologies have generated new abilities for mankind/humanity to reach its full potential “

We believe that the strive for perfection that AI is representing is to some extent a mirage to compensate for the imperfection that we as human have. At Post Singularity Ventures we believe that these imperfections are what makes mankind fruitful. We have a conscious, we are accountable, and we create greatness when given the proper conditions.


Post Singularity Ventures will act as catalyst of value-creation for companies/ideas that are in the technology area of Artificial Intelligence and Automation to build sustainable business value while contributing to the transition and adaptation of our society in a Post Singularity world.